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The Torch Singer by Robert Westbrook

BOOK ONE, “AN OVERNIGHT SENSATION,” is a sweeping historical saga that takes the reader from the horrors of Nazi occupied Poland to the glittery excesses of Hollywood in the 1940’s and 50’s: the rise and fall of Sonya Saint-Amant, a B-singer who schemes her way to fame and brief glory, breaking all the rules.

"A masterpiece of storytelling . . .. a book of constant intrigue which creates that delicious paradox of it being immediately clear that nothing is ever quite as it seems." Daily Mail

“A brilliant, engaging and wholly unpredictable story of courage, survival and self- reinvention . . . I was completely taken by it . . . Interesting, complicated and wholly engaging characters. [Westbrook] is obviously a born storyteller and a bit of a magician” Ally Sheedy

Robert Westbrook The Torch Singer Book Two

BOOK TWO, “AN ALMOST PERFECT ENDING,” opens with sultry heroine Sonya Saint-Amant at the height of her career—a glittering, triumphant appearance at Ciro’s, the clubhouse for the stars in 1950s Hollywood where everyone wants to claim her as their friend.

But in 1954 popular music is undergoing a revolution in which all but the biggest stars will be cast aside. With her looks and popularity fading, Sonya believes she has come up with the perfect plan to save her career . . . if only she can maneuver a tricky path through the many dangers that beset her, a vortex of politics, sex, blackmail, and murder . . .

"This book ranks alongside the best of classic Hollywood noir, taking the reader on a journey with unexpected emotional plunges and switchbacks but with everything leading relentlessly towards the final, fatal, inevitable conclusion ”
Daily Mail

“Pacy and unstoppable, the second book in The Torch Singer series takes over where the first left off, grabbing your wrist, tugging you along, refusing to let go” The Evening Standard

BOOK THREE, “THE SAINT OF MAKE-BELIEVE” will be published in 2015.

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